Childrens Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the word takes place beginning in October and ends late March.  This liturgy takes place every other week at the 9am Mass celebrated at St. Thomas. Children pre-school through grade 5 begin the opening of Mass in the Main Church and then are called forward to go to the lower level of the Church.  The opening Prayer, Readings and Gospel are offered and proclaimed by our Children’s Liturgy Ministry Team.  The children then split up into grade appropriate groups and the Readings and Gospel are discussed with the Children at a level they can understand.  We then meet up again as a whole to profess the Children’s Creed as well as Prayers of the Faithful.  The Children may add their own intentions.  The Children are then brought upstairs and a few children from each grade group offer the gifts to our Celebrant on a rotating basis.  The other children go back to their families.  Parents who are new are welcome to come with their child until the children are comfortable and we are always looking for volunteers to help out.  We all started in this Ministry by bringing our little one down, helping when we could, and then some parents join to team.  We invite teenagers to assist as well.

Volunteering with Children’s Liturgy requires very minimal time commitment.  We accomplish almost everything we do outside of Mass via email, and if we do need to meet, we do it during coffee and donuts after Mass when we are all there anyway!”

Children’s Liturgy is followed by refreshments, after Mass, in the lower level of the Church sponsored by our Hospitality Ministry. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other families and other members of our Parish Community of St. Thomas and St. Dorothy.

Children’s Liturgy is also the Ministry that runs the Epiphany Pageant we hold every year.  The Children that volunteer to be part of that day act out the Gospel.  This is a very child friendly, with script and costume provided.

Please join us at Mass, we look forward to seeing you.  The Calendar can be found under the “Schedule for Children’s Liturgy.  Please contact Ginger Dankese, the Ministry leader, you can email her at  or leave a message with the Faith Formation Office at 978-658-6040 and we will forward it to Mrs. Dankese.