Goals, Tasks and Strategies

Our Goals:


  1. Promote the significant role played by the local faith community for those called to vocations, especially to diocesan priesthood, by September 1, 2016
  2. Develop and promote a culture of priestly vocations from The Catholic Community of Wilmington and South Tewksbury by January 2017
  3. Host Regional Priestly Awareness Dinner in September 2018

Faith Formation

  1. Foster a lifelong learning and faith development environment for all
  2. Establish, Train and Support a Baptismal Preparation Team by June 1, 2017 who will give witness to the significance of Baptism in their everyday lives
  3. Establish a Marriage Preparation Team of 12 couples by June 1, 2018 who will give  strong witness to the Sacrament of Matrimony to other couples preparing for the Sacrament
  4. Establish a culture and environment of inquiry for individuals seeking to grow in faith by September 2018


  1. Embrace each opportunity with seekers and disciples as an encounter with Christ
  2. Create an environment where hospitality for all is a sign of our discipleship
  3. Develop a long-term plan to serve the needs of the disenfranchised by June 2018

Strategies, Milestones and Actions Steps to achieve these goals include:


  1. Prayers of the Faithful at Masses highlighting the call to priesthood and all vocations

  2. Utilize seminarian prayer cards, the Vocation Cross/Chalice, Holy Hour for Vocations, Eucharistic Adoration for the Vocational needs of the Church, and other opportunities of prayer and support

  3. Promote vocational awareness in a variety of settings, including at parish Masses (homilies and witness talks), religious education sessions (vocational witness presentations), and sacramental preparation sessions for parents/guardians, baptismal and marriage preparation

  4. Invite seminarian(s) to the collaborative to participate in field education opportunities

  5. Host 2 Vocations Awareness Weekends each year (1 in Fall & 1 in Spring) starting in Fall 2017 where seminarians and/or recently ordained speak at weekend Masses about their call and experiences as seminarians and/or newly ordained priests

  6. Establish, train and support a Vocation Commission of 12 individuals to assist the faithful of the collaborative to fulfill its mission of building a culture of vocations 

  7. Support Archdiocesan efforts by promoting priestly vocations, such as the annual St. Andrew’s Dinner (sending at least 6 young men each of the next 3 years), Altar Server Appreciation Mass (inviting all our Altar Servers to attend each year), Rosary for Vocations (before and after weekend and daily Masses), Adoration for Vocations (at each First Friday Adoration), etc.

  8. Create a Youth Leadership Team of 12 individuals by June 2017 that promotes and supports a culture of vocations among 15-35 yr. old men and women

  9. Establish a Collaborative Ministry Fair by May 2017 highlighting the call to Diocesan Priesthood, Religious Life, Diaconate, etc., as well as all vocations rooted in our Baptismal calling within the collaborative, such as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Catechists, Lay Ecclesial Ministry, Altar Servers, etc. which will increase our liturgical ministers and other volunteers by 10% each of the next 3 years

  10. Invite 20 young men each of the next 3 years to attend the Vocations Awareness Weekends

  11. In September 2018, host the Regional Bishop, Vicar Forane, Pastors and Parochial Vicars of the Merrimack Region, seminarians from St. John’s and Pope St. John XXIII Seminaries, and the leadership of the Vocations Office of the Archdiocese, where young men from the Merrimack Region will discover, through witness and testimonials, the richness of diocesan priesthood

Faith Formation

  1. Establish, train and support an inter-generational Faith Formation Commission consisting of 12 individuals by November 2016

  2. Offer support to and for children, youth and adults fostering faith development and spiritual growth

  3. Develop a needs assessment survey for collaborative members to identify needs and interests of the faith community by June 2017

  4. Explore various methods and opportunities (locally and nationally), including use of all media applications, empowering others to pursue lifelong faith formation on site and independently as well

  5. Offer twice (Christmas and Easter) each of the next 3 years books from the Dynamic Catholic Series which will lead to forming 10 additional small faith sharing groups each of the next 3 years to help individuals grow in their faith and relationships with others Assist the deacon(s) with the overall preparation of Baptism including two faith sharing sessions with parents/guardians and godparents/Christian witnesses

  6. Follow-up with families beyond the sacramental celebration offering support, information and opportunities to grow in their faith at 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals using OSV Parent Letters Program

  7. Strive to keep families connected to a full and active parish life after Baptism (on-going) including social gatherings, educational offerings, etc.

  8. Invite families (50+ families) of children baptized in previous calendar year to attend a Baptism Anniversary Mass and Social on the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord

  9. Individuals will attend Archdiocesan Training Program, assist with the meaningful preparation process for couples, and give witness to the meaning of the Sacrament to one another and those preparing for marriage

  10. Develop a Marriage Enrichment experience for married couples and invite 10 couples each of the next 3 years to attend a retreat where they can grow deeper in the faith and commitment

  11. Invite 20 couples each of the next 3 years to attend Mass on World Marriage Day celebration

  12. Create and develop an RCIA and Adult Confirmation Team of 10 individuals who are willing and comfortable sharing, and growing in, their faith journey with others

  13. Create a welcoming environment, in collaboration with a Hospitality Commission and other parish groups and organizations, for those individuals seeking full initiation into the Catholic Church


  1. Establish an Evangelization Commission of 10-12members by January 2017

  2. Train and support Commission members by June 2017 to understand the concepts and goals of what it means to be an evangelizing faith community

  3. By September 2017 develop various methods to share the Good News to all, such as Bible Study, additional Small Faith Sharing Groups, Adult Faith Formation Opportunities such as Parish Missions and Retreats for various demographics, etc.

  4. Continue to promote the CURSILLO for men and women, ACTS retreats, ALPHA for Catholics, etc. and increase participation by 12 individuals each of the next 3 years

  5. Seek to go beyond traditional methods to grow the faith community by offering Interactive Web Content (by April 2018), Offsite Coffee/Social Hours for Young Adults (by May 2017), and other opportunities where pastoral staff members, and others, will go out into the community to evangelize those seeking a relationship with Christ.

  6. Establish a Hospitality Committee of 10-12 individuals by November 2016

  7. Train and support individuals by May 2017 to be true Ministers of Welcome and Hospitality and to help them grow in prayer, faith and discipleship

  8. Offer a yearly retreat to all parish volunteers to help them grow deeper in their faith

  9. Offer a sense of welcome, hospitality and understanding to all who seek to know Christ and the Catholic faith at Mass, after Mass, and wherever the community gathers (on-going)

  10. Assist with the “Weekend Experience” for members, and future members, offering a sense of welcome and hospitality, participatory music, relevant preaching, and an inviting environment (on-going)

  11. Increase the number of opportunities to gather after Masses (coffee hours, pot luck dinners, etc.) from monthly to bi-monthly opportunities starting in September 2016

  12. Lend support to fully leverage the collaborative web site, church bulletin, all social media outlets and other opportunities of engagement where we can reach the churched, the alienated, etc. by fully utilizing our social media support team June 2017

  13. Evaluate current outreach and missionary efforts to determine the needs and the available resources to serve the community

  14. Work with Parish Social Worker to identify 10 families each of the next 3 years who are in need of assistance

  15. Establish a St. Vincent DePaul Society to assist with current outreach efforts especially to those who are incarcerated, hospitalized and homebound    

  16. Working with local Knights of Columbus and a St. Vincent DePaul Society, identify 25 individuals and/or families in need of assistance