Youth Group

The Youth Group is a newly formed group comprised of both middle school students and junior and senior high school students.  The goal is to have these students work primarily on service type projects while instilling Catholic morals and values and assisting with our various projects and events.  We will meet monthly with the middle school students and twice a month with the confirmed student leaders to plan events and activities. 

The objective is to have middle students think more about others than themselves.  This age group tends to be very self-absorbed which can sometimes cause self-esteem issues which can lead to bad decisions regarding friends, risky behaviors and confidence problems. 

I have witnessed how serving others can be a healthy way for them to put others needs before their own.  They will learn to make the best use of their time and also become more involved in their church community. 

Each activity or event will have a message or lesson to it – whether it be a religious, healthy or service oriented.  I feel it is essential to subtly introduce our religion and faith and its importance through various activities rather focusing on it.

Some of the upcoming events include:

Hallows Eve ice cream social / kick-off party – Sunday, 10/30 from 6:30 – 8:00 at Villanova Hall.  The objective is to introduce students to the meaning of this religious holiday while having some good old fashioned fun.  We will encourage them to come in costume so that they can take another persona and let their guard down.  We will serve ice cream, play Halloween games and tell spiritual ghost tales. 

Christmas Bazaar – Sunday, 11/ 6 from 1:00 – 5:00 – the group will help with the crafts and games and help to raise money for our parishes.

Operation Christmas Child Packing/Pizza Party – Mid-November – 6th graders will be collecting toys for children in third world countries and the group will get together to package them up for mailing.

Tree Trimming Party/Christmas Caroling – Early December – make ornaments and decorate both trees in the basement of St. Thomas and St. Dorothy while watching religious and Christmas shows.  We may also sing Christmas carols at Deming Way or the Senior Citizens Center.

Patriots Tailgating Party – January – Group would attend a noon mass and then have
a tailgating party downstairs in St. Thomas.